Communicating Your Value

Your website is the public face of your business and it's also the first chance for you to clearly communicate what you do and how you can solve your customer's pain points. Two thirds of a buyer's decision has already been made before they contact you and the content on your site is where they will do their research.


Web Pages

When designing your website, the template you choose helps dictate how you communicate as well as the journey you take your buyer on.

In the Cash Management pages I created, the goal was to communicate the key value propositions and allow customers to discover more content such as case studies and fact sheets, depending on their interests. 


Campaign Landing Pages

As you begin to create more and more content you'll have the ability to re-use and re-purpose it. A lot of times you may start with a campaign where you are slowly sending new pieces of information out to prospects, guiding them down a certain path.

One great way to ensure they can consume as much information as they want around a key topic is by creating a campaign "binge reading" page. Think of how you jump onto Netflix to enjoy anywhere from one episode to an entire season in one sitting. That content is available to you when it's convenient. That's exactly what I did regarding payment fraud.